Inlay Wood Masters

A group of Syrian craftsmen came to Istanbul as a result of the current situation in Syria. They didn’t bring lots of tools or blue prints with them, but they surely brought their talent and experience. Settling down in Istanbul is a challenge by itself. On top of the language barrier, low wages, high prices, having a family to provide for makes it harder. It is even more difficult when you have a son that needs expensive medicine, and this makes you leave your country and family in order to be able to afford it.

Pancar Pekmezi – Sugar Beet Molasses

For two or three weeks a year; when it’s Sugar Beet season, A few families gather in this small place to create some delicious molasses from their sugar beet crop. Three generations work together as a team, where the grandmother gives assertive instructions and all others follow. Some of them sell it, while others keep it for themselves and use it till next year. Molasses with Tahin is a famous breakfast dish amongst Turkey.

Cappadocia (Kapadokya) – The land of Beautiful horses

Cappadocia “Kapadokya” or the land of the beautiful horses is definitely one of my favourite places in Turkey. The Volcanic rock formations give the landscape a very original and uniques personality that you cannot find anywhere else. On your visit to Cappadocia don’t forget to visit at least one of the fascinating underground cities, go on a hot air balloon ride and prepare to be amazed, but most importantly stay in a cave hotel to have the full experience.