The collaborative project #Divine_Path between Hatem Arafa & Mahmoud Gaballah is based on the idea of combining photography with Arabic calligraphy. We create imaginary designs using verses from the Holy Quran. We try to choose verses that correlate with photos as much as possible. Every design has a different verse from a different Juz’ of the Quran respectively; The first design has a verse from the 1st Juz’, while the second has a verse from the second Juz’ and so on. We hope to complete 30 designs in total. The project is still on going. For this project verses of the Holy Quran were used, while what we call “Calliphography” is not limited to that. It is a form of expression using two graphic tools; namely Calligraphy & Photography with which the possibilities are endless.

Divine Path Project on TRT World
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