Mahmoud Gaballah

I am a photographer/Cinematographer based in Istanbul. I have been doing photography for about 7 years, but during the last two years I started to shoot video as well. I do advertising as well as documentary work. Although my main focus now is cinematography, I sometimes get to play different roles on different projects.

Sometimes, I do everything in a video project starting from the creative direction, direction, shooting and editing. While, some other times I take only one role, most of the time this role is related to shooting. Either as a cameraman or a Director of Photography.

I really like documentary work, I enjoy story telling very much and I think it allows me to use my skills of observing and telling the story while giving it a natural feeling without interruption or direction. I also like working on creative advertising projects with interesting ideas.

I love travelling, and for the last 9 years I have made use of every vacation I had to go somewhere new. Explore a new city, a different culture or just do a road trip and enjoy the beautiful and interesting scenery on the road. So far I have been to Malaysia, Turkey, UAE, Greece, Spain & USA. I have been to over 50 cities and towns in these countries and in Egypt, and I want to recreate some of the experiences I had for anyone interested in seeing more than the cliche tourist attractions. I really enjoy discovering the true essence of the country. Which is barely represented in the famous places.

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